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Understanding your healthcare needs to keep you healthy

GP and Specialist Consultation

Our GP consultation service provides you easy access on the go to our Doctors-on call. With your preferred choice of appointment, our GPs  will assess, diagnose and create a treatment plan tailored to your need while leveraging on our comprehensive healthcare services.

We also provide  a one-stop-shop for your referrals to a specialist. We have specialized expertise ranging from cardiology to orthopedist to endocrinologist to neurologist to psychiatrist to physiotherapist to exercise physiologists to ob&gyn and others who will provide tailored advanced diagnostic and treatment options to specific health concerns referred over by our GPs.

Tele Medicine Consultation

Our tele medicine or virtual consultation is our indigenous innovative technological set up, established to facilitate our remote healthcare interactions with our subscribers.

As a subscriber, you can explore our virtual appointment option which allows you to do a face-time with our health professionals or even speak to a GP over the phone.  We offer tele-rehabilitation, tele-GP consultation (E-Consultation), tele-radiology, tele-pathology, mobile health to make healthcare more accessible and convenient. We leverage on our tele-medicine consultation to give individuals, business owners and corporate workers the ease to keep track of their health and wellness status

E-prescription and health monitoring

Through seamless collaboration with top pharmacies, we provide you the convnience of getting your prescription orders or refills from our platform delivered to your preferred location. Our designated care assistants work around the clock to provide medication counselling and management to every order made through Phythealth.

We also offer remote health monitoring services that allows  us to continuously monitor subscribers vital signs and wellness status over our system. Individuals, subscribers with chronic conditions or post-sugery recovery subscibers can enjoy the great benefit of our RHM.

Physical therapy

We offer top of the line physiotherapy services. Our physiotherapy services ranges from general pain management, to post-surgery recovery treatment plans, to treatment of low back pain, to shoulder pain, to Arthritis, to stroke management and bells palsy management

We tailor our subscribers rehabilitation plan to suit  active preferences which is also made comprehensive towards effecting quick recovery and reformed body functionality. Our in-facility and home service delivery are fully equipped with committed and excellent professionals to ensure that you enjoy a healing and self-satisfying session

Occupation stress management

Dealing with the daily turns of every Job and businesses in Nigeria can be quite mentally and physically draining.

Our attending Care officers will help you to design a work-rest balance plan that will systematically improve your on-job efficiency and also keep you physically and mentally healthy outside the Job

Fitness and nutrition management

From helping you to understand your musculoskeletal and digestive system as well as the implication of your lifestyle on your overall health and wellbeing, our exercise physiologists and nutritionist will assess your current lifestyle and examine its impact on your wellness status while using the outcome of assessment to advice you on necessary modifications during routine reviews.

We also offer  specialized fitness testing and nutrition management for subscribers with multifactorial diseases and Geriatrics  undergoing rehabilitation programs. The interdisciplinary of our health professionals is best experienced under this service.

Digital health records (Health record on the go)

We provide you with the opportunity of having your health records on you at all times.

Simply logging on to your registered portal gives you access to your health records and allows you the chance of second opinion with any practitioner across the globe. 

Laboratory/ diagnostics

Through core partnership with top diagnostics centres, we are able to provide you with laboratory and diagnostics services at your convenience.

From your abode or office, you can order for your pathology test and get attended to without having to go through the bustle of visiting a laboratory.

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